Lavender Flax Fish
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Lavender Flax Fish

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A gorgeous handmade Lavender and Flax Seed filled Fish  

Each fish measures approx 3 inch x 14 inch and is filled with English lavender and Organic Flax Seed

Multiple uses make this Flax Fish a perfect gift for someone special;

  • Heat Pad - heat in microwave for 45 seconds, manipulate and then reheat for 40 to 60 seconds or until desired temperature and sooth those tired aches and pains
  • Computer Wrist Rest - Keep at the base of your computer and provide comfort and support for your wrists while working on your computer, keyboard or mouse
  • Weighted Eye Pillow - If you can bear to put a fish on your face this will help to regulate your nervous system, mood, digestion, and heart

You decide 


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